Monday, May 14, 2007

Installing Cedega 6.0 on Ubuntu 7.04 AMD64

This little HOWTO focuses on the issue of getting Transgraming's Cedega 6.0, to work on Ubuntu's AMD x86_64 Feisty ( 7.04 ) release.

First of all this program runs without a problem on Ubuntu AMD64. It runs just the same as it did back in regular 32-bit Ubuntu. Before we get started, you are going to need to install a couple of 32-bit packages that allow Cedega to run. I'm guessing that by this time you already have the proper nvidia/ati drivers installed to play games. If not here is the guides from Ubuntu Guide. Respectively to the cards.


Here is the list of packages that you need to download, to download them you can use 'apt-get' or you can use synaptics, I rather use GUI based things, so hence I used synaptics. Here are the packages you need:


After installing these packages, go ahead and download cedega-small.deb from transgamings website. Install it either using ' sudo dpkg -i ' or open with deb installer. NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FORCE THE ARCHITECTURE

And that's it! Feel free to run all the updates to install the cedega engine, moz control, and all the other neat things! That's all you need to install cedega!

note**: Thanks to pacula from #cedega on, also to this website here.
You notice that some of those packages on the website were left out, the simple reason is that they were not necessary.



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Dude, you rock! Finally someone that wrote a how-to instead of a list of every hap-hazzard thing they did till it finally worked. Thanks again.

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Thanks for this little guide. I will go to implement it. So long!

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